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    Zhejiang: elimination of 6 coal-fired power units with a total of 1.12 million kilowatts
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    A few days ago, Zhejiang printed and distributed the "Zhejiang Province to win the blue sky defense war three year action plan (open draft)". The draft proposed to promote the implementation of ultra-low emission transformation of steel and other industries, the coke oven in urban built-up area should be covered and sealed, and the waste gas should be collected and treated. We will strengthen the control of industrial enterprises' unorganized emissions. We will vigorously eliminate and shut down coal-fired units below 300000 kilowatts that fail to meet environmental protection, energy consumption and safety standards. Four coal-fired power units with a total of 860000 kW in Zhenhai Power Plant and two 260000 kW coal-fired power units in Zhoushan power plant will be eliminated, and other coal-fired thermal power units will be eliminated as planned. For the installed capacity, coal consumption and pollutant emission indicators of shut-down units, it is allowed to trade or replace, and the construction of ultra-low emission coal-fired units with the same capacity can be arranged as a whole.
    Three year action plan for Zhejiang Province to win the blue sky defense war
    In order to firmly win the blue sky defense war and accelerate the improvement of ambient air quality, this action plan is formulated in accordance with the requirements of the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the three-year action plan for winning the blue sky Defense War (GF [2018] No. 22).
    1、 General requirements and main objectives
    (1) General requirements. Guided by Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, we carried out the spirit of the nineteen, nineteen, second and third plenary sessions of the party and the fourteenth plenary session of the provincial Party committee and the fourteen session of the fourteen session of the party, and conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government for decision making, and the national and provincial Environmental Protection Congress. With the focus on promoting the adjustment and optimization of industry, energy, transportation and land use structure, we will continue to carry out air pollution prevention and control actions, comprehensively carry out the construction activities of clean air demonstration areas, resolutely win the blue sky defense war, and achieve win-win environmental, economic and social benefits.
    (2) Main objectives. Our province is one of the key areas determined by the state. After three years of efforts, the total emission of major air pollutants has been greatly reduced, the concentration of PM2.5 has been further significantly reduced, the days of heavy pollution have been significantly reduced, the environmental air quality has been significantly improved, and the people's sense of blue sky happiness has been significantly enhanced. By 2020, the average concentration of PM2.5 in cities with districts in the province will strive to reach 35 μ g / m3, the ratio of days with excellent air quality will reach 82.6%, and the ratio of days with severe and above pollution will be reduced by more than 25% compared with 2015; the total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides will be reduced by more than 17% respectively compared with 2015; odor and odor in key areas will be basically eliminated, and 60% of cities above the county level will be built into fresh air demonstration areas The number of repeated letters and visits related to gas decreased by 30% compared with that in 2017.
    2、 Speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, adjust and optimize the industrial structure
    (3) Optimize the industrial layout. We should speed up the relocation, transformation or closure of heavily polluting enterprises in urban built-up areas, and promote the implementation of relocation projects for heavy polluting enterprises such as cement, flat glass, chemical industry, coking, etc.; urban iron and steel enterprises should earnestly adopt the methods of complete shutdown, transformation and development, local transformation, and overseas relocation to promote transformation and upgrading. It is forbidden to add new chemical industry parks and strengthen the renovation of existing chemical industry parks. Enterprises that have already been cleared in various places should make clear the timetable, and those who do not return to the city within the time limit shall stop production. We will deepen the reform of "heroes in every Mu". Comprehensive evaluation of enterprises should be carried out in an all-round way, comprehensive evaluation of industries and regions should be promoted, and a mechanism for optimizing the allocation of energy consumption, sewage discharge and other elements should be established and improved. (led by the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial economic and Information Commission, participated by the provincial environmental protection department, and implemented by the municipal and county (city, district) people's government. The following items shall be implemented by the municipal and county (city, district) people's government, and shall not be listed any more)
    Strengthen environmental access. All localities have completed the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality, the online use of resources, and the compilation of environmental access list, and made clear the industries, production processes and industrial catalogue that are prohibited and restricted from development. It is necessary to revise and improve the access conditions for industries with high energy consumption, high pollution and resource-based industries. Cities with substandard ambient air quality should establish more stringent industrial access threshold. Regional and planning environmental impact assessment should be actively carried out. The environmental impact assessment of new, reconstructed and expanded steel, petrochemical, chemical, coking, building materials, nonferrous metals and other projects should meet the requirements of regional and planning environmental impact assessment. (led by provincial environmental protection department, participated by provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial economic and Information Commission, Provincial Department of land and resources, etc.)
    (4) We will strictly control the production capacity of the two industries. It is strictly prohibited to increase the production capacity of steel, coking, electrolytic aluminum, casting, cement and flat glass; the implementation measures for capacity replacement in steel, cement, flat glass and other industries shall be strictly implemented; in principle, highway transportation shall not be used for new, reconstruction and expansion of construction projects involving bulk material transportation. We will step up efforts to eliminate backward capacity and reduce excess capacity. Strictly implement the quality, environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other laws and standards and the industrial structure adjustment guidance directory. Strictly prevent "ground bar steel" from resurgence. The iron and steel enterprises listed in the de capacity plan need to withdraw from the supporting sintering, coke oven, blast furnace and other equipment. (led by provincial economic and Information Commission and provincial development and Reform Commission, with participation of provincial environmental protection department, provincial finance department, Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau)
    (5) We will comprehensively rectify the "scattered pollution" enterprises. We will comprehensively carry out the comprehensive rectification of "scattered pollution" enterprises and clusters. According to the industrial policy, industrial layout planning, land, environmental protection, quality, safety, energy consumption and other requirements, combined with the actual situation of various regions, the "scattered pollution" enterprises and cluster remediation standards are formulated. The implementation of network investigation, the establishment of management accounts. According to the principle of "stop first, then treat", implement classified disposal. For those listed in the category of closing down and banning, the basic principle is to cut off industrial water and electricity, remove raw materials and production

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